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What people are saying.....
    "We have been enjoying the park and cosgrove biking and having a nice family time. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Every people that we meet are nice greeting us and saying hello. I think this is because of what this place brings it sort of gives you that peaceful and welcoming attitude. Please save this nice countryside for my children and for theirs to enjoy. It is such a pity that the children of the future would be running out of places like this to enjoy."
    James C
    "Once again we are being asked to object to even more planning in our precious countryside. Surely this area has seen more than its fair share of green fields disappear but not to lose it for a football academy. We object very very strongly to this application NO NO NO 20 x NO."
    Mary and Tony 
    "I really don't agree that this area should be built on. Please leave as is, don't spoil our lovely countryside!"
    James G
    "I enjoy the tranquility of this area while walking my dogs. This development will destroy the atmosphere completely and is inappropriate for these fields. I respect enormously what Mr Winkelman has done and is doing for MK but on this, he needs to think again."
    Roger W

    "This is a wonderful place to walk for everyone in the area. Why on earth not build the pitches on a brownfield site? There must be a more suitable site - scan the horizon!" 

    Edward T
    "The fields are glorious when we are out walking please do not cover them with development"
    Barry W

    "This is such a beautiful part of the South Northamptonshire countryside. I often walk along the disused canal to enjoy the unspoilt tranquillity and solitude of nature. The proposed development will needlessly destroy this rural paradise for ever!"

    Chris G
    "The fact is that this would be an enormous development in the environs of Cosgrove.
    18 football pitches.198 people playing. Probably over 200 cars or many buses. Tractors, lawn mowers groundsmen, and all the paraphernalia that would be required to maintain 18 pitches. Showers. Toilets. Changing rooms. Security. Flood lighting. Cafés and restaurants. Visitor facilities. This is just to get started. Once its up and running, then the planning applications really start to flow!
    Dennis M
    "Considering all the disused warehouse and factory spaces around MK, Mr Winkleman and MKC could easily make a compulsory purchase and redevelop disused ground already available in MK city. Destroying the untouched beautiful landscape would be a very sad decision to make. Very sad indeed."
    Kristina S 
    "This is such a beautiful part of the world - the views from the church at Old Wolverton, in particular, are wonderful. When it has gone, we cannot get it back. There must be better places to locate a development of this scale and impact."
    Guy M
    "Please leave this beautiful area alone and don't take away the landscape that is enjoyed by 1000s of people on their walks. England is a small place and we need our countryside so we can get out of the stress of every day town and city living/work."
    Valerie H 
    "Please do not allow this to happen, we must save our beautiful fields and the wildlife."
    Elaine A
    "We often walk in the area when visiting friends and family and enjoy it for it's natural beauty. Improved sporting facilities are to be supported in general, but there are many alternatives that would not have the negative environmental impact that this proposal would have."
    Ben F
    "As Bill Bryson says: "Nothing - and I mean really, absolutely nothing - is more extraordinary in Britain than the beauty of the countryside." I like football and support the idea of a football academy but not at the expense of the countryside at Cosgrove."
    Gary W
    "Save the fields at Cosgrove, absolutely. I love football, but not at the expense of ripping up beautiful countryside."
    Matthew B
    "I live in the centre of Milton Keynes but appreciate and value the few unspoilt areas we have available. We should not sacrifice another peaceful and beautiful location to the football business."
    Nigel M
    "MK is a growing city and I can see that there is a demand for improved facilities. However, I think building on the periphery of the town is short-sighted; better use of brownfield and in-fill space would seem a better strategy, long-term, for MK if it wants to remain a connected and thriving community."
    David L
    "We have to protect our wildlife sites - surely there is some brown field site where a football academy could be sited - why destroy a unique habitat?"
    Kathy B
    "We've walked across this area on many occasions with friends and family. The views are beautiful and it's important that we protect these vistas for our enjoyment today and our children tomorrow. Once the view is gone it's impossible to claw that countryside back. Make the right decision and find a brownfield site that will be improved by this development project, rather than destroying the local countryside."
    Steven W
    "A area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, MK Dons take your plans somewhere else"
    Michael O
    "I love city Centre living in Milton Keynes- I couldn't live much more centrally myself, but part of the pleasure is the fact that in a short walk or bike ride I can be in lovely places like the Cosgrove fields. Developing these areas has a negative impact on all of us. Football is not a universal sport/recreation - regardless of what people making lots of money from it want us to think. The leisure activities and the well being of many people- of all ages- are catered for by spaces such as this, where we can bike, walk, run, picnic - even play football for free. Removing these spaces will not benefit the health and well-being of the wider MK population. Given the poor state fitness level of the MK population this should be a priority. Not football for a few."
    Gill K 
    "I oppose strongly this development on green fieds, in particular the change for traffic at the Dogs Mouth where a roundabout is proposed, walkers and cyclists put in danger from fast cars at this point. Keep Cosgrove as it is."
    Harry C
    "This would be an absolute travesty if this is built. This is a lovely place to go walking, fishing and generally enjoy the countryside. I enjoy a bit of stargazing looking out in that direction the addition of this blight on the landscape will ruin the nights sky."
    Stuart B
    "Although I support developments incorporating sports facilities and encouraging participation by all, This is in the wrong place, surely there less sensitive and beautiful spots where football pitches can be put?"
    Barry H
    "Destroying a rural idyl for football! Come on, you numpties, get a grip. No-body wants it in Cosgrove. Build it where you live. No? What a surprise. Idiots."
    Trevor B
    I think this developement is in the wrong place which would destroy the environment for many miles around"
    Geoff M
    "it is a beautiful walk and bike ride at the moment . although a supporter of sport facilities this development will ruin this beautiful and tranquil location"
    Gail C
    totally unacceptable to ruin such a beautiful area"
    Mark B
    "This part of the area that we walk on a regular basis in fine & foul weather. I dread to think what impact it will have on the work being done by those trying to restore the old canal."
    The proposed development is directly on the site of the Roman villa excavated in 1960s and would lead to the destruction of this site and the associated landscape of the Roman period. Section 12 of the National Planning Policy Framework highlights. The importance of sustainable management and enhancement of our archaeological heritage and I believe this proposal would contravene this policy. It is also a beautiful tranquil landscape that forms a significant setting for the Wolverton deserted medieval village and castle site."
    Gary M
    This should be in Milton Keynes near to the football stadium NOT in the country. Stop ruining our beautiful countryside."
    Chris J

    " The impact on the nature and wildlife would be devastating. It would bring extra congestion to the already busy roads, and would place the nature reserve at risk. Please find somewhere more suitable."

    Emma H
    This site is of historical interest. It is also one of the most beautiful green spaces in Milton Keynes. It is used by many local people as a space to exercise, relax and feel close to nature. I support the idea of a football academy but please search for somewhere that is demonstrably less used and is less beautiful. Losing this space will make many people feel that the academy has taken something important to benefit a few. The new academy would gain much more local support and is more likely to be a success if the cost to the community as a whole is not so great. Once this land is gone, it is gone forever."
    Kathryn B
    These fields are an area of natural beauty and one that we use regularly for dog walking and bike riding. This proposed development would not only ruin the landscape it shows no respect for the local community."
    Rod L
    "The road infrastructure in the area isn't suitable for a development of this size. The development also ignores the current use by locals for walking, cycling and the like not to mention being a blot on the landscape."
    These fields are an area of natural beauty and one that we use regularly for walking and bike riding. This proposed development would ruin the landscape and bring no benefit to the local community. Build a football academy in a more centralised area of Milton Keynes, where more local children can access the facilities.!!!!!!"
    "I feel the development would have a a very negative impact on the area. It would devistate wild life and nature, and the Beaty of the countryside. It would also open the floodgates to develop the area further and would swallow up the lovely countryside."
    Sue N
    "Will destroy the peace &quiet of the area.there will be too much traffic.site of Roman remains needs care,area never completely excavated"
    Prue O
    "Keep football, along with its greed, vanity and aggression, out of this area and our lives. Leave the countryside in peace."
    Conway M
    "This land is precious, part of the countryside I walk in. We need the quiet spaces to keep the countryside close to our city"
    Jan H
    "Hard to imagine a less suitable site for all the 7 days/week day/evening activity this development would bring to one of the nearest tranquil areas to where we live!"
    "Spoiling our countryside is not right. Slowly our lovely green spaces are being built on at the cost of our wildlife. When are they going to wake up and see how our envoirment is being ruined at the cost of a few greedy people lining their own pockets. Once the field is built on that piece of rural land has gone forever along with the wildlife that inhabits it at this present time."
    Karen M
    "There are many more suitable brownfield sites which should be considered, not this unspoilt countryside."
    Susan H
    "Please don't destroy this wonderful area so close to the city. I see so many people as I walk. This is well used and well loved area."
    Susan J
    "Cosgrove Village is already heavily congested and any new development of this magnitude would basically further impact on the already congested village. Also, the countryside quality of life enjoyed by a lot of people, both the local and visitors from nearby would be lost for ever."
    Hasmukh M
    We often walk with our family by the Ouse river, through Wolverton Mill and up to the old Iron Aquaduct. This is an area that I remember from my childhood and remains, so far, unchanged. Given the recent loss of views from Watling Way to Calverton, this would be another development altering what is a beautiful area surrounding Milton Keynes, as well as adding to the development of Milton Keynes further than what was to originally be the "North Milton Keynes border". A great shame in my opinion and that of my family, as well as a retraction of previous promises."
    "This is the most inappropriate development proposal imagineable and is ridiculous.It would be far better sited within the confines of Milton Keynes where the required facilities already exist i.e. infrastructure,roads, sewers etc ,etc. The idea of siting this on a water meadow with poor access and ruining unspoiled rural countryside is a total misconception."
    Trevor and Mavis H
    "Please protect the wild life in this area, MK has enough football pitches"
    "I am a season ticket holder at MK Dons, but strongly feel that this is the wrong place to build such a complex. Stony is already being enclosed by other building projects, and traffic is increasing as it is."
    "There are not an abundance of beautiful walks in Milton Keynes. Save this one and relocate the development back to a brown field site"
    Michelle W
    "Beauty spot, a haven for walkers and ramblers, many more than footballers"
    Mike D
    "The circular walk from old stratford along the river to cosgrove and back along the disused canal is full of beauty and wildlife. This will be destroyed by this development. There are other less attractive green spaces around milton keynes. Our natural environment should be preserved."
    Emily W
    "This would be a serious loss of green space which is one of the delights of Milton Keynes."
    D R
    "The joy of living in MK is that it is so much more than just 'concrete', it's a city in balance. The green spaces are just as important as the housing and business developments. The site for this proposed development is one of MK's most popular walking destinations. It's an oasis where you can escape city life and gather your thoughts. It's one of the main reasons I love living here, so please don't take this away."
    Andy C
    "This is a beautiful area that is used by families from a huge radius for relaxation, walking, exercise and enjoyment of the countryside. It should not be spoilt in ANY way"
    Sheila T
    "My friends and I enjoy the lovely walks here over the fields with so much wild life, it's a wonderful place to watch the animals. We will be gutted if this changes."
    Jenny D
    "The area is beautiful stretch of country over which I have walked for decades. I am by no means the only person who uses the many walks that are in this area. It will also be an additional eye sore for the many people of the surrounding area, who have only recently had the massive recycling area at Wolverton hoisted apon them"
    William G
    "I enjoy the walk along the "dead canal" and do not feel the need to be joined by up to 20 busy football pitches with all the cars it will bring and noise. Old Stratford is already being concreted over lets keep a little bit of green please. Pete W is not short of money he can afford the other options offered to him."
    Jeff M
    "Milton Keynes still has brown land available. Let's utilise this first."
    Sarah C
    "The sheer scale of this project means that it should simply not be permitted in such a rural area. It will totally change the natural beauty of the area and consign Cosgrove village to become like an urban development, with all the traffic, noise and floodlighting pollution."
    Ross M
    "There is so much wild life here and the walks for people are so therapeutic. This would ruin the environmentThis area is so beautiful we want our children to see fields, flowers and wildlife!"
    Susan D
    "Pete Winkleman clearly has no idea of the pleasure this beautiful vista of land brings to thousands of residents both in and around Milton Keynes and South Northamptonshire. No doubt, as usual, the motivation is driven by money. It will destroy yet another site of rural beauty in an area where people need more not less access to the countryside.
    There are so many other green field sites that this development could be located in that would have virtually zero impact to the surrounding area. People coming and going to use the sports ground will barely notice the surrounding environment they are in. Will the greed of one individual once again be allowed to dominate over our environment."
    Nicholas M
    "It's too important and too beautiful, too tranquil, yet bustling with wildlife, too educational and too needed to be lost forever for yet another development in MK. We've already lost the Stony Stratford fields."
    N M
    "I walked this beautiful place with thirteen friends today and was appalled to hear that, I think Pete Winkleman, wants to develop it for football training???? Absolute madness, please don't let this happen."
    Jennifer C
    "We have been walking across this beautiful countryside for years, these plans would be devastating. This is so inappropriate for this area, I am sure the planners could find somewhere in Milton Keynes that would welcome this type of development."
    Julie F
    "We regularly walk across the fields from Old Stratford to Cosgrove and gave done for decades. The peace and tranquility along with the stunning views is priceless, it will be such a shame if generations to come can not enjoy this wonderful countryside."
    "This development would ruin hundreds of years of wildlife habitat and be an eyesore to the local community. I have admired the volunteers working on the old disused canal as they have worked tirelessly to create places for wildlife and tranquility now this will be ruined too."
    "I have been walking this area for pleasure for over 20 years and am not happy at all with the proposed plans. If such a site is needed, which I doubt why not put it somewhere with less impact on local wildlife."
    Patrick M
    "We walk and ride along the river and it is shocking to think they are considering spoiling a beautiful area for the wild life and the quiet villages that surround it ."
    Alison S
    "This is open countryside for the enjoyment of the surrounding communities and habitat for the wildlife. The council have already ruined the Ouse Valley Park with gravel extraction. The academy should be incorporated into the West End development of Milton Keynes not stuck out in the countryside. This is wanton vandalism on a grand scale."
    Steven B
    "I love the countryside around this area and strongly feel that this development would destroy a part of it. It is absolutely not in keeping with the surrounding area."
    Raymond R
    "Naff off Winkleman! I walked in this area a lot as a child and it should be left for future children to walk in too!! Leave what little countryside we have left alone!!"
    Sue R
    "Does this not just open the floodgates for development all the way up to old wolverton? Why not just carry on filling in Milton Keynes and leave us in peace?"
    Karen B
    "This is a beautiful area that is used by families from a huge radius for relaxation, walking, exercise and enjoyment of the countryside. It should not be spoilt in ANY way"
    Sheila T
    "Disgusting who ever thought of such a plan."
    Alan S
    "I walk my dogs in these fields, I depend on this everyday, It is a special place for me & my family, please don't let this change."
    Sam K
    "Visit the area regularly and would be deeply saddened to see the area lost to a commercial venture. The loss of natural habitat and wildlife isn't acceptable in this location."
    Nathaniel J
    "This area is so beautiful we want our children to see fields, flowers and wildlife!"
    Deborah H
    "I cannot believe this is even being considered. How can such a lovely piece of countryside disappear due to the greed of football. This should of course be built but in a far more appropriate area where there are existing commercial properties and areas that are already built up. I guess this is only being considered here because the land is cheaper than commercial development land. There can be no other reason."
    Barbara B
    "a shame to spoil such beautiful countryside for the sake of a game of footie!!."
    "We have so many under utilised pitches in Milton Keynes. Please stop using up green fields unnecessarily."
    Karen B
    "It would be dreadful to loose this beautiful area."
    Phyll B
    "Leave the heritage for our children!!"
    Elena B
    "A ridiculous proposal. All along the west side of the old A5, there are numerous developments being built, as you would expect for an expanding city. That is the sort of area where this type of development would best fit - good road access and services. Siting this on a remote (and lovely) flood plain with no road access, sewers or electricity is totally inappropriate."
    Ian C
    "If cosgrove had football pitches over fields, it would downright ruin one of the most lovely little villages in the country."
    "It is difficult to believe that the Cosgrove site represented the only viable location. As others have said this is not a development that will benefit the local community nor will it provide tangible benefits to the wider population. Once we lose this countryside it will be gone forever and for what???"
    Holly S
    "It's a beautiful place where I visit with my children and my dog. A real shame to loss this wonderful safe place to play."
    Sharon C
    "I feel that the environmental impact of construction, disruption to wildlife, noise nuissance to local residents, increased demand on infrastructure that is far more rural than CMK itself and the increased traffic and pollution caused by this proposal outweigh the benefits of having a football academy. When so much else requires funding, this is a waste of money that will ruin a beautiful area. Given the area is also a flood risk, it is foolish for any developer to wish to build here. It is also too far from the Stadium. There is an Academy in Corby and one in Walnut Tree (I believe) and one or two others within a 2 hour drive from Milton Keynes. I am disappointed that this is even being considered."
    Claudine S
    "To develop this beauty spot for commercial gain would be an act of vandalism. I can hardly believe that someone would even suggest it. Pure greed."
    Carole M
    "This enormous project will have a severely detrimental effect on this peaceful and beautiful area.As a regular walker in the area it will be a devastating loss of a much loved amenity."
    "Hideous proposal. If Milton Keynes needs a football academy/training ground. Surely they can just use the massive football stadium?!"
    Faye H
    "This is very obviously not the right location for this type of development; anyone can see that. Surely a better location would be closer to Milton Keynes town centre, so that it is more easily accessible by public transport; easily accessible by road (e.g. J14 of the M1); and within an area that is already built up and has numerous businesses that could support such a venture and would no doubt appreciate the increased footfall."
    Janet M
    "I often walk across these beautiful fields from Stony Stratford to Cosgrove and have done all my life. The planning application must NOT be approved. If it is, it will destroy many animals, trees and heritage. There will be such a negative impact on the surrounding towns. Stony Stratford, Old Stratford and Cosgrove will no longer be a great place to live. It will lead to more development, taking more countryside. There will soon be no countryside left."
    "This is not a good enough reason to sacrifice lovely countryside & its wildlife for. Put it somewhere else in MK where the road access & services are nearer & better. "
    "The leisure facilities offered to people of all ages and physical abilities by the current natural landscape Is far greater that that offered by the proposed development. The proposed leisure facilities are much more suited to a site within the built up areas of the City rather than at the expense of an existing leisure facility."
    Barry N
    "Such a beautiful area for walking and chilling out. Far too precious to be ruined by an 'edge of town development' such as this."
    "Support and invest in the current array of leisure facilities in Milton Keynes and upgrade small village facilities rather than losing yet more priceless countryside in Milton Keynes. It has already been decimated over the last few decades."
    Janette J
    "Find somewhere less beautiful and less established."
    Charles H
    "It is unbelievable that anybody would propose to do this to such beautiful countryside."
    Steve T
    "This is such a lovely spot where we love to walk and enjoy the peace and natural surroundings. This proposal should not be allowed. I strongly object."
    Carole T
    "Ensure this beautiful enchanting rural area stays rural and is not gobbled up by a greedy corporate football franchisee who would prefer not to have such a monstrous development in their backyard. The additional noise, environmental and light pollution & untold damage to the local wildlife is certainly not worth such a development or needed for local area."
    "This proposed development would completely ruin one of the best pieces of countryside around Milton Keynes."
    Kevin S
    "The buildings and car park along with floodlights would absolutely devastate the beauty of Ouse Valley Park. It seems that no where is safe to greed and human destruction."
    Chris D
    "Its a beautiful area to walk, on the outskirts of Stony Stratford, and is not the right area to build such a development of this type which has noise and light pollution associated with it. Build the training pitches somewhere else not in our ever disappearing countryside! "
    "You have enough room within the confines of MK right now without moving into the countryside of Wolverton Mill and Cosgrove. It would be totally out of keeping with the area and not practical for people wanting to play football. It would be incongruent with the area"
    "We cannot believe someone would have such a mad idea to drop a development like this in the middle of such a beautiful landscape, we saw deer tonight by the canal, herons, and an otter a week ago, there are so many industrial estates in MK put it there where it should be, I am appalled at this !"
    "This development will be the start of bringing an urban sprawl into the middle of the country, disrupting wildlife and damage the flora and fauna, be an eyesore for of us who live here and bring no benefits to us, we do not want the light pollution that these facilities would bring and those of us that choose to live in the country do so to get away from it. If MK Dons need training facilities then they should look in Milton Keynes area for it."
    David F
    "I have lived here for 23 years and would hate to see my beautiful village to be ruined by traffic congestion, damage to the scenery and a threat to the wildlife we are so lucky to still have. We are one of the few remaining unblemished villages left in Milton Keynes and I would like to keep it that way. If we wanted to live in a hustling bustling environment I would have lived in Central Milton Keynes. Please do not destroy our precious natural country life by filling it with noisy sports activities."
    Asha M
    "This stretch of the Ouse valley is a special place. I loved it as a child, and still love it when visiting friends and family nearby. Please don't ruin it."
    Sarah W
    "I strongly object to commercially develop the field at Cosgrove preventing more traffic to village road which is already suffering from Cosgrove Park traffic. Also to preserve our limited wild life and nature of Cosgrove Village."
    Mistry B
    "We walk in this area regularly and it would be a real shame to see the countryside defaced in this way. Please look elsewhere."
    Liz R
    "Totally inappropriate location. Please don't despoil this lovely area."
    Anthony R
    "This development would destroy the natural beauty of the area as well as the impact of traffic, noise and light pollution. Once the development is allowed to go ahead the land would be lost for ever."
    Ian Collins
    "Please rethink this - we often walk here, see the amazing wildlife and enjoy the fact that it's so close to us. We don't NEED a football academy. We do NEED natural, historic and unspoilt spaces."
    "I have lived in the area all my life and have enjoyed these fields since childhood, it is a beautiful natural area and should be left as such for everyone to enjoy. This is a totally unnecessary and inappropriate development and should not be allowed to ruin this so far unspoilt and special place. The convergence of the A5, A508 and A422 at Old Stratford is already a major problem in terms of traffic congestion and this development would only add to that problem."
    Julie G
    "Probably a good idea. Absolutely the wrong location. Milton Keynes gets all the benefits of whatever MK Dons brings, this should be kept inside MK. If MK needs this, put it in MK - simple!"
    Andy G
    "The noise alone needs to be fully assessed - the local residents will suffer CONSTANT shouting and whistle-blowing day and night"
    Susan S
    "We are regular (i.e. weekly) visitors to Wolverton Mill. The proposed development would blight an area of outstanding beauty and destroy a precious wildlife habitat."
    Richard M
    "Old Stratford has already seen more walking restrictions as a result of development with walkers and dog walking being forced into confined spaces. Why don't they use brown fields sites in MK. What happened to access to the country side? If we wanted to live in a developed area we would have moved to MK"
    Bernie B
    "Terrible idea! Surely there are far more suitable places!!"
    Rosemary B
  65. "This is not empty land waiting to be developed. It is farmland, nature reserve and countryside for the enjoyment of all not just those who are involved with football. Why is it that people only see the development potential and not the public amenity offered. If we're not careful the countryside will get further and further away, there will be less land for crops and hardly any wildlife.!"
    Ann C
    "I am totally against this proposal which some MK oik thinks they can bounce on a small rural northants village via a media campaign circumventing all planning considerations. Keep cosgrove rural!"
    Christine B
    "Permanent destruction of a wildlife haven and a beautiful place to walk. Take development back to MK."
    Rachael L
    "As A member of Holy Trinity Church Old Wolverton I believe the peace and serenity of the building, the church yard and the beauty of the surroundings(which the church overlooks), would be spoilt by this development.
    "There are fewer and fewer places in Milton Keynes where people can enjoy the countryside and by building on the fields at Cosgrove the Ouse Valley Park would be spoilt forever"
    Susanna C
    "This is a beautiful peaceful area, please don't spoil it with any development."
    "The Ouse Valley Park is the most rural within Milton Keynes and enjoyed by both local residents and visitors. This development will face the Ouse Valley and destroy the beauty of the area. It's vital that an alternative location is found for any development of this scale, and the few remaining green spaces that we have are left for all to enjoy."
    Sally H
    "It it so beautiful and rich in wildlife with the river so close."
    Helen J

  69. "If, this goes ahead, it will be a huge blot on what is now a beautiful piece of our countryside!"
    Irene S
    " This development will endager if not wipe out a lot of wild life habitats and will also put even more of a strain on already congested roads !!"
    Gina W
    "I'm a Natural Historian and keen birder. I spend a lot of time walking the footpaths around this whole area which is rich in diverse fauna flora and avifauna. The developing Manor Farm Reserve, the river, canal and wooded areas benefit hugely from this area of land which acts as a buffer zone for all sorts of wildlife along the food chain. These fields host singles, and small and large flocks of birds of numerous species, to say nothing of the smaller creatures which they feed upon. And after they've flooded they leave natural ponds - again, invaluable to birds. Families walk here, and their children are able to engage with nature in surroundings which aren't found locally anywhere else. To build ANYTHING on this area would be to lose one of the very places we MUST preserve for those children, and their children... There is other land which can be used for football training. Save this land for our future, so that our children have an unspoilt playground to observe natural habitats, be closer to understanding how farmland is used, and hopefully become the custodians of the natural world in their turn. Please."
    Michelle W
    "We should do as much as we can to stop these green spaces disappearing to development."
    Trevor B
    "A ridiculous and pointless development especially for its proposed uses!!"
    Joanne H
    "This site is on the edge of the flood plain, overlooking the Ouse valley and appears to be on top of the Roman villa. It is next to the Buckingham arm of the Grand Union canal, which is currently being restored. The site slopes down quite steeply from the canal towards the river. There is very limited road access. It's difficult to think of a more inappropriate site for a football academy."
    Judith J

    "These fields are needed by the community and should be left alone to be enjoyed by everyone."

    Gerald C
    "I believe the proposed development would radically alter the character of the area and negatively impact the life of people in Cosgrove, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and surrounding villages. Many of us have chosen to live here because of the rural landscape the football pitches would destroy. The development will be visible for miles and will dominate the landscape . There will be noise 7 days and evenings a week as well as the increased traffic, impact on wild life etc. This part of the Ouse Valley, unspoilt on both sides, is a rare gem and every effort should be made to make it's future as such viable."
    Sue G
    "Traffic in this area is at a standstill already at rush hour, with tailbacks around into stony stratford all the way from the A5 roundabout at old stratford. In addition the floodlights would cause light pollution in the surrounding area. This riverside area has been a favorite walking place for generations of families living in the area, it is a natural flood plane and a home to countless species of wild-life. Please do not go ahead with this plan, it is oversized and on green fields."
    Julie W
    Stop building on the countryside and spoiling all our green spaces. If MK Dons want a training ground, why didn't they build one on the land round their stadium instead of selling it off for yet more shops and restaurants?"
    Sandra K
    "Bright lights and the during hours of dark will interfere with the wildlife of the area."
    Melanie W
    "These fields are an important part of the beautiful Ouse valley which provides an important green space for wildlife and the community."
    Andy G
    "I strongly feel it is the right project in the completely wrong location for a number of reasons"
  77. "I strongly say NO to the development which is totally unnecessary when other existing facilities around Milton Keynes can be improved to accommodate required needs. Only village left with natural wild life and beauty which will be destroyed."
    Reena M
    "Application should be rejected since the objective are poor and there are many other centres which can be utilised to support the need without killing the wild life and prevent traffic congestion at the mouth of the village."
    Jason M
    "Rural area not to be opened up for this or future development."
    John P
    "The visual impact will destroy a stunning view across the Ouse Valley including ancient water meadows."
    Anne M
    "This is a place where we regularly walk to enjoy the countryside. We always take our visitors here and many ask to walk it again whenever they stay with us. We love the environment, wildlife and ambience as we walk along the riverside to the aqueduct then along the canal to Cosgrove and back along the disused canal, across the fields to the mill and then back to the car or on to Deanshanger. Why build there? MK Dons facilities should be in Milton Keynes, not South Northants. I am very concerned about the additional traffic it will bring to the surrounding area and the peace being destroyed by the extra people and floodlights as well as evening activity which will frighten away any wildlife that might still be there after development. The area will be destroyed for ever and affect so many people and wildlife changing their lives to accommodate a football team from outside the area. There are plenty of village football pitches to accommodate this area already."
    "Since the 1960s I have seen the countryside in this beautiful area get swallowed up by the development of Milton Keynes and Northampton. To lose this piece of countryside would be a tragedy - it is an important habitat for all kinds of wildlife and a necessary breathing space for humans as well. The Football Academy is a good idea but find some brown field site to develop it. Please do not destroy anymore of the countryside"
    June D
    "This destruction of our countryside cannot be allowed to happen, these fields produce valuable crops every year and are a haven for wildlife. They cannot be sacrificed for football or any other amenity . They should have been built at the stadium where they belong instead of the unneeded retail park."
    Chris P
    "This is another step too far. Does Heritage mean nothing to these people. This is an area of natural beauty and tranquility and must be left as such. It would be far better to encourage local people to make more use of all it has to offer."
    Ronald P
    "The proposed plans would build over a location that I have nicknamed my ‘fairy tale’ for its immense natural beauty. This is something very close to my heart, to think of losing this wonderful location which holds such great vale to so many, to football fields and concrete, makes me feel tearful."
    Faye F
    "Not only is the area a site of natural beauty, it is also adjacent to a nature reserve which is home to many rare species, including King Fishers, Kites and Woodpeckers. The proximity of so much noise, light and activity would be disastrous."
    "I have lived here my whole life and i am now bringing up my children here, I think this is awful, and i find it very sad that someone wants to spoiling our country side, and above all else we do not need football pitches!!!!!!!"
    "The Fields at Cosgrove should not come under attack by greedy developers. If a football academy and training ground was needed, the surrounding area next to the football stadium would have been more suitable when it was being built, instead of more of the same retail outlets."
    Shirley J

    "This will destroy the countryside will increase the traffic in small peaceful villages which will soon become overcrowded busy and congested!!"

    Joel L
    "Apart from the fact it will destroy a beautiful area and cause more traffic to a heavily used area. There is a nature reserve adjacent and the flood lighting will damage the natural wild life. Why do this development somewhere stunning when there are so many other places less attractive."
    Debra M
    "I am sure there are sites better suited to this kind of 'development'; does the only place for this have to be at the expense of a beautiful natural habitat?"
    Ian P
    "This is one of the most lovely places in the area , children play there , people walk their dogs please save it."
    Mark K
    "The proposed development will overwhelm and devastate the local environment. It will have an irredeemably negative affect on local life and destroy acres of vital natural habitat."
    Jean M
    "A preposterous development that will destroy an area of natural beauty."
    Jason R
    "It is a rural area of natural beauty, definitely not for development. Is this the thin end of the wedge for further development."
    Jeni P
    "The adjoining Ouse Valley has already been turned into a desolate muddy eyesore. Please allow us to enjoy what unspoilt views still remain of the valley."
    "With the canal & the river a well used area by walkers and ramblers. A 'lung' to the adjacent area of Milton Keynes."
    Malcom H
    "I can't believe that anyone would build on this beautiful and well loved area. It is destruction."
    Emma D
    "This is where I rode my bike as a child I want this to continue for my children! I want to be able to take them there and visit where I grew up!"
    Craig H
    "This is a beatiful area, used by many for walks and other activities. This would ruin it."
    Karen K
    "The Ouse Valley Park being one of Buckinghamshire's most popular walks. Enjoyed by a great many people from far and wide. The proposed inappropriate large commercial development and any other that will follow in the future will ruin the aspect of the valley and surrounding area for us and children for the future."
    Pat H
    "NO! these calm, beautiful fields are very unique and precious; Area 11 MK is being built nearby - a development the size of Buckingham- we must protect the natural world that is left to us. The idea of building in this area is intolerable."
    Lyn D
    "Please help us to say no to the proposed destruction of this fantastic area of land. It has been a source of joy for me growing up and a totally amazing place to visit. The destruction of this land would also severely affect the narrow-boating community that live and work in the local area indefinitely."
    Ryan B
    "I strongly oppose the destruction of such a beautiful piece of quiet countryside with its diverse beauty and wildlife. Herons, litte egrets, swans and kingfishers live, fish or nest along that stretch of river. Floodlit playing fields would be disastrous for them. I love sports and support the idea of sports facilities, but not at the cost of wildlife abd nature."
    Anke P
    "This development will destroy one of the few country walks remaining in the Milton Keynes area. A walk that I do almost every day. Country walks are an important form of exercise available to all for free, we need more of them not less."
    Liz W
    "I use this area all the time for walking and getting out in the fresh air and appreciating beautiful surroundings. This will clearly ruin a large area for many people and negatively impact wildlife. There must be better more accessible places in MK/South Northants to stick a load of sports fields."
    Ian M
    "Keep it in the city.... Don't ruin any more of our beautiful countryside."
    Peter R
    I believe the proposed development would radically alter the character of the area and negatively impact the life of people in Cosgrove, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and surrounding villages. Many of us have chosen to live here because of the rural landscape the football pitches would destroy. The development will be visible for miles and will dominate the landscape . There will be noise 7 days and evenings a week as well as the increased traffic, impact on wild life etc. This part of the Ouse Valley, unspoilt on both sides, is a rare gem and every effort should be made to make it's future as such viable."
    Sue G
    "Traffic in this area is at a standstill already at rush hour, with tailbacks around into stony stratford all the way from the A5 roundabout at old stratford. In addition the floodlights would cause light pollution in the surrounding area. This riverside area has been a favorite walking place for generations of families living in the area, it is a natural flood plane and a home to countless species of wild-life. Please do not go ahead with this plan, it is oversized and on green fields."
    Julie W
    "It would be a real shame to loose this natural landscape and habitats there is to much environmental damage whilst there is run down areas around milton keynes that could be developed"
    Gareth E

    "20 football pitches would be dreadful, leave the space to nature"

    Simon D
    Please don't destroy this beautiful countryside and the wildlife it supports."
    Kim T
    "Why choose a site miles away from the city? This peaceful village has enough traffic with the park. Please look for brownfield sites in the city that access for all would be more sensible. Do not destroy the lovely village life that the residents enjoy."
    L Everard
    "After looking at the for and against arguments presented, I am convinced that this would be unwise to use this land for football pitches. In particular I agree with others who have commented re the flood risks and the loss of an important natural reserve. In years to come I think it will become even more important for city dwellers to have easy access to such unspoilt areas. I hope South Northants Council will reject this proposal."
    Christine E
    "This is some of the most beautiful countryside in Milton Keynes and the proposed development is totally inappropriate for this green edge of the city. Please look elsewhere MK Dons."
    Katie H
    "This is a totally inappropriate large scale development in a rural setting"
    Steve S
    "We have thousands and thousands of dedicated acreage within the new town of Milton Keynes still awaiting development and available so why the green boundaries are even being considered are beyond the wildest imagination"
    Alan A
    "I do not want my childhood and countryside ruined by unnecessary football pitches. You need to build your football pitches by your stadium. We have enough congestion trying to get to Asda when there is a football game on. So keep away from Stony Stratford."
    We cannot allow our beautiful countryside to be spoilt for commercial gain"
    Alyson T
    "Stony Stratford, Wolverton and Cosgrove are some of the last vestiges of history and nature in and around Milton Keynes."
    Faye W
    "This would be a eye sore on our river walks and we don't need to lose any more green space in or around milton keynes. Green football pitches don't count"
    David F
    "We need to stop this development now. Help protect this rural beauty spot"
    Chris K
    "This beautiful rural area will be gone forever. Many people have worked hard to restore the Buckingham arm of the Grand Union Canal and it has become a real gem . Please let us keep this area as it is for the generations of people to enjoy.."
    "The proposed use for reasons of traffic generation, flood lighting, noise and visual impact is not compatible with quiet enjoyment of this beautiful countryside setting. MK Dons look elsewhere!"
    The countryside is precious. There must be some better places. Brown field sites etc"
    Michael J F
    "To suggest this will not impact on the quiet tranquil life of village living would not be true. Preserve our beautiful country side and rural village life"
    "Stony and the area is an oasis of delightful countryside on the outskirts of rapidly encroaching urbanisation, its wildlife and fascinating history giving so much pleasure to past, present and future generations. The proposals are detrimental to an area which is OUR heritage. We do not NEED 18 football pitches and the associated mayhem which will ensue, to say nothing of the noise and lighting polution and profiteering developers should utilise their profits in a more beneficial way."
    H Aylott
    "Please keep our countryside...that's what makes us so British!"
    Deborah C
    This development will be totally insensitive use of this land. Floodlights buildings and new access roads will destroy this magical part of south Northamptonshire with its circular walks that encompass the canal the river and the open fields. A beautiful place to walk and enjoy the wild life attracted to the nearby river and nature reserve, this will all be destroyed."
    Patsy K-M
    "I hope this never happens. This is such a beautiful area."
    Judith B