Planning Application to SNC

to the development of Cosgrove Fields

"South Northamptonshire Council is committed to preserving what is special about the district, our historic buildings and landscapes are fundamental to the character of the area".

                                                                                                                        South Northamptonshire Council
The proposed development of Cosgrove Fields by Inter MK is, we believe, in direct conflict with the written values and committment of South Northamptonshire Council.
The proposals will undoubtably have huge consequences and impact. These include adverse changes to the land use; the visual destruction of the countryside as a result of new roads and buildings; light pollution from floodlights; noise pollution from people and vehicles; threats to the existing flood plain, sites of archaeological interest and the flourishing wildlife.
We believe development of this scale and  impact simply does not belong in the heart of the countryside, and will completely destroy an area of natural beauty and heritage enjoyed by many.